Five fabulous franchises for under £5,000


You might be reading this because you want to leave your current job and start up on your own.

You know that setting up alone is difficult and success is rarely guaranteed. You’ve heard of franchising – where you can run and manage your own business under a recognised brand umbrella.

You also may know that this is safer and easier than starting up. But you still can’t help worrying about the initial financial outlay. Will you have to pay a great deal of money to get excellent training and support to help you thrive?

We say relax!  The good news is that there are plenty of franchises that you can invest in for as little as £1,000.  

I have £2,000

Opportunity: Diamond Home Support
Field: Cleaning Management
Cost: £1,495
Skills required: Management, accounting

The Deal: This isn’t just a cleaning business, but Diamond Home Support franchisees provide home help and gardening services to clients. And if you’re concerned about your cleaning skills, be assured that this is a management franchise - you will be managing the provision of cleaners to businesses and homes. You can run this franchise from home, starting part-time initially, if you want to transition from your existing job. 

Operations manuals, marketing materials, access to the corporate website and business contacts are provided so you can run your own franchise as soon as you invest.

I have £2,500

Opportunity:  Readymade Business 4 U 
Field: Retail
Cost: £2,500
Skills required: Sales, business management

The Deal:  Helping smokers to give up, or to simply enjoy smoking without aggravating others is now big business. Electronic cigarettes in single disposable form use modern technology to create a product  cheaper than cigarettes, giving  you a ready-formed business with little start-up cost

Your role will involve hiring staff - as the franchisor will provide you with potential retail outlets - and keeping clients stocked up. Use your salesmanship skills to illustrate that e-cigarettes include no tar and do not produce any second-hand smoke, and you'll turn over high earnings for an in-demand product.

I have £3,000

Opportunity: Mobile Phone Charging 
Field: Vending/Sales
Cost: £2,595
Skills required: Sales, advertising, product management

The Deal: Mobile phone charging vending stations are increasing in popularity as consumers use their mobiles more regularly and they need juice while they are out and about. The machines screen adverts while customers wait for their phone to be charged, so franchisees with sales experience can put this to work to ensure that the ad spaces are always filled.

You’ll manage specific machine locations and the adverts you book will generate additional revenue. The franchisor will provide full training and give you on-going support.

I have £3,500

Opportunity: Clark James Recruitment
Field: Recruitment
Cost: £3,500
Skills required: Sales, market analysis, people skills

The Deal: Clark James provide specialist recruitment services in a range of sectors, from construction to consultancy, and financial Services to FMCG within the UK and Europe. Becoming a recruitment franchisee can be low-cost and high return if you’re right for it. This is an executive opportunity where you’ll work on recruitment strategy and professional service.  

Support will be ongoing to put franchisees at ease with the administrative, systems and technical aspects of running your own business. 

I have £4,000

Opportunity:  Leisure Leagues 
Field: Sports
Cost: £3,995 plus VAT
Skills required: Project management, organisation, 

The Deal: Leisure Leagues are market leaders in providing 5 and 6 a side football. By purchasing a geographical ‘area’ you will be in charge of running your own football leagues. 5-a-side Leagues appeal to groups who hire sports halls on a casual basis, playing in a competitive league format, like off-season football clubs.

Leisure Leagues provide training, ongoing support and access to infrastructure. This is a fun, people-focussed sports franchise that will appeal if you’re well-organised and keen on football.

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