Franchise Spotlight: Business Brokers

If you're looking for a franchise that will offer you plenty of opportunities, a business brokerage could be for you.

Getting into the game of buying and selling businesses is one of the most exciting challenges you can imagine. 

It is also a great time to acquire a business brokerage franchise, provided you understand the industry and have the necessary skills.

Sector overview

  • Generally, this franchise model has low start-up costs.
  • Majority of franchise packages will include training and mentorship to guide you through the world of business brokerage.
  • Buying a business brokerage franchise means joining a large network.

A business brokerage franchise will deal with people who are looking to sell their businesses. Ultimately, they are the point between the buyer and the seller that works to ensure that both sides walk away from the deal satisfied.

Generally, the broker will also be able to give advice and support through the complicated sale process.

Franchisees in this sector are able to be involved in the local business community and are given access to networks of professional advisors and trade bodies. Helping people with t business sales can be an extremely rewarding profession.

Due to the option of working from home, franchisees are able to enjoy a good work/life balance while still earning a good salary.

Choosing the right franchise

Buying a franchise brokerage requires relatively low capital investment. Several franchise opportunities give you the option of working from home or from an office. This allows you the freedom to fit your career around your life.

Running a business brokerage is a complex economic field that requires organisational, and interpersonal skills if you are determined to make a name in it. To make your franchise a success, you will need to choose the franchisor that will offer you the support that you need.

Pick a reputable brand name that has not fallen prey to buyer scepticism or lack of transparent communication.

To find the right businesses worth representing and to sell them successfully, you need sound economic judgment and a positive sales mentality. To see the deal through, you need experience with doing due diligence and open communication and mediation between business entities as well as good social skills.

A brand that already conveys these principles and will offer you training in these skills is the option that you should feel secure about choosing. Speaking to other franchisees is a great way to get a feeling for whether this is the case.

When choosing a business brokerage franchise, make sure it is a reputable one that has already done some good work, upon which you can build further.

Is a Business Brokerage Franchise for You?

Even though few buyers go through with purchasing a business, there is no shortage of prospects. If you want to join the trade, therefore, bring your best people skills and service attitude to stand out!

If you aspire to be a great business broker, you have to make information transparency and clear communication your creed.

For instance, your career background can be a good determinant of how well you would fare as a business broker. Most professionals in the sector have brokered in adjacent fields (e.g., real estate) and have legal, accounting, and/or managerial experience.

If you have gathered such expertise already, you are well-positioned to make a positive impact in this exciting franchise industry!

Most franchisors, however, will offer extensive training and ongoing support. The support that is offered will often come in the form of assistance with your administration so that you can focus on building your business.

This means that even if you do not have previous experience, you can still become a successful franchisee in this sector.

Anthea Taylor

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