Franchise Spotlight: Pet Franchises

The UK is a nation of animal lovers so pet franchises operate in a lucrative market.

More and more pet owners want to provide their pets with the best care possible and this sets any business up for success. 

The British are renowned animal lovers and a significant number of them own pets!

Owners are very happy to spend money meeting the needs, and often more than that, of their furry family members. 


Sector overview

This industry has seen a lot of innovation in the past decade as pets have become ever more part of the family. And in conjunction with this, spending on pets has increased.

Some of the most successful approaches to this industry have been pet grooming, pet sitting and mobile pet grooming. In very recent years, people have become concerned with the health of their furry friends and, therefore, natural pet products have gained popularity.

Dog walking has also become a popular business within this industry. Modern lives are becoming busier and having someone else walk your dog can save you time and give you peace of mind that your pooch is getting the exercise it needs. 

With many of these businesses, the shared economy has been a great way of connecting pet owners with pet lovers looking to earn some money.

Pet food dog and cat

There are many pet franchise opportunities and here are a few examples of the types of franchises available:

Pet Food

Health is a big concern to a lot of people and, with this, people are becoming increasingly concerned with the health of their pets. These concerns are easily addressed through the diet of a pet.

Organic and natural pet foods have become popular and, as a franchisee of a company you can be part of a network delivering these foods to the door of pet owners.

These businesses are great for franchisees looking for low overheads and good cash flow, which means that you can start making a profit relatively quickly.

Pet sitting and boarding

Pet sitting and boarding services are in high demand, however, when it comes to their pets, people are very protective. It really helps to have a recognised brand behind you giving customers peace of mind that they can trust their furry friends in your care.

By becoming a franchisee of a well-known company, you become part of a vetted and trusted team and customers will feel more comfortable using your business.

Other franchises that are in this sector cover pet taxi’s, dog walking and pet home visits. The safety of your customer’s pets is the most important part of any of these services and, therefore, it’s great to become a franchisee of a company that will offer you the right training and support.

Pet grooming

Mobile or salon based, this is the type of business that is great for franchisees as, depending on your capital, space, capabilities or desire, you can choose what kind of franchise model will suit you.

Something to consider before choosing which particular franchise to buy is the costs that will come with a pet grooming business. There is a lot more equipment that is needed than other types of pet franchises. Picking the right franchise, therefore, will be important.

Dog Walking

Is it for you?

It goes without saying that you will need to love animals if you are going to choose a franchise where you will be around animals all day. The training that you need, however, will usually be provided by the franchisor.

This industry provides entrepreneurs with a lot of options depending on their available capital and varying goals.

A franchisee in this industry will have to be willing to put in a lot of hard work as much of this industry is hands-on. Keeping up the brand name will also be extremely important because so much of the business is built on the trust of the customers.

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