Franchise Spotlight: Sports and Fitness

Even without a background in fitness, this sector could be right for you.

The fitness sector incorporates a variety of franchises, suited to a wide number of skill sets and usually refers to gyms, fitness clubs and coaching opportunities.

As the nation is becoming more health conscious, alongside an increased emphasis on physical fitness by the government, the popularity of gyms and fitness clubs have increased dramatically.

This could be the ideal time for you to make a career change and buy a sports and fitness franchise.

Sector Overview

About the industry

There has been a rise of ‘low cost’ gyms giving consumers from with a lower income more options to stay fit. 

Traditionally, private health and fitness clubs have been cost-prohibitive to low-income customers, but now there are an array of sports and fitness options for any income bracket. 

This has energised the industry, as the surge in these ‘no frills’ establishments have forced mid-market and premium brands to re-focus and re-establish themselves in new market conditions. 

The need to provide a unique service worthy of a premium price has never been more important and many more expensive gyms are rising to the challenge.

So, if you are sitting at your desk wondering if you could channel your passion for sport, the outdoors and fitness into something more rewarding, why not consider a sports or fitness franchise?

Is it for me?

It’s clear that it’s a lucrative market but you will probably be asking yourself if it’s really achievable. It is made all the more achievable because of the options that are available for you to choose from.

This means that you can find the franchise that is exactly right for you.

There are a whole range of sports and fitness franchises in operation today – gyms, personal trainers, football, Zumba, martial arts, yoga and street-dance for a start.

Believe it or not, most sports and fitness franchises don’t demand a background in sports.

The majority suggests that whilst an enthusiasm for the activities you will be providing is preferable, more important factors are being able to work well with people and having business/organisational skills.

According to Simon Phillips who is the head of franchise at Leisure League:

“The main attributes we are looking for in a franchisee are dedication and willingness to not only succeed but learn and evolve through the process.”

The risk factor in starting a new career is usually enough to put people off taking the plunge but with a franchise, a lot of that risk is taken away.

You are investing in a tried and tested business model, with a designated territory, training and ongoing support. Your franchise package will also likely include help with marketing and administration.

“Working for yourself and being able to pull a fulltime wage with only part-time hours is a really attractive thing for me, but I know others who just really love interacting with people and get a real kick out of providing a service that people really enjoy and continually come back to use…a sense of pride, if you will, for what they have built,” says Phillips.

Anthea Taylor

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