Franchising Success Bucks Gloomy Economic Trends


Franchising has been one of the positive business news stories of the recession.

It is proving an attractive option to many investors with the sector growing worldwide. Recent UK figures show that new businesses based on franchise concepts are much more likely to succeed than other new business ventures with 88% of all franchisees, including new start-ups, trading profitably in 2009.

From this it is easier to see why many people who want to invest in a business have chosen to buy franchises.

This strategy was endorsed earlier this year when the RBS Group set up a £100m Franchise Fund to support newcomers to the industry. This makes it easier to secure funding for investments.

There are considerable financial benefits to running a high-level investment franchise as, although they may charge a more expensive tariff than other franchises, the returns are also likely to be higher.

Therefore the initial cost outlay will be offset by the earnings potential if the franchise proves successful.
For those who would like to investigate investment and business opportunities, there will be seminars on the theme of High level investment franchising as part of the conference programme at The British

Franchise Exhibition taking place at Manchester Central on Friday 10 and Saturday 11 June 2011.
These seminars are valuable to potential investors, providing help to identify which companies are selling at the top end of the market, and why they prove an attractive option. Speakers include Paul Smit, Chairman of Cashbrokers, who will explain how A start up can really thrive in a recession; and Steve Bolton, Founding Partner of Platinum Property Partners, who will deliver a seminar on Three simple steps to £100,000 a year passive income within 3-5 years.

The event gives visitors the opportunity not only to find out about investing in franchising at these seminars but also to meet a wide range of franchise businesses with investment opportunities at different levels. Together, these elements provide visitors with a thorough introduction to franchising.

Among more than 50 new and leading franchise businesses offering opportunities at the exhibition are new and established franchised companies across a variety of sectors. These have all been accredited by the British Franchise Association (bfa), in accordance with its code of ethical franchising, ensuring all companies at the event have proven to be a viable and reputable enterprise.

To register for The British Franchise Exhibition, call +44 (0)844 257 8668 or visit Callers can purchase tickets by credit card for £8 each or £7 each for two or more. Admission on the door is £13. Visitors can gain FREE admission by using the promotional code BFEMHL when they register on the website.

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