Hairdressing for children: Our *Exclusive Offer*

Hairdressing...for children. It may not have been the first franchise opportunity you have considered – But this fun, people-oriented business is far more rewarding than the average office position.


Published: August 2013

The amount of fun that can be had day-to-day is one of the many reasons why a children’s hair franchise stands out from other roles – and this sense of enjoyment can counterbalance clients who may be a little more demanding than usual! 

A great example is that offered by Sharkey’s Cuts For Kids. Their salons are set up to provide chidlren with an entertaining experience.

From small boys who just want to drive a Lightning McQueen car while having a trim to older girls who are happy to sit at a beautiful glamour station opposite a movie-star lit mirror – the salon is adapted for all. 

Hairdressing for children isn't a business solely concerned with the very young either. Hairdressers will deal with clients of all ages: from those having their first haircut up to teenagers - with modified equipment for all - meaning that franchisees are never bored.

Customer Service is key

For those who long to be more sociable in their career, hairdressing in a salon full of young clients and their parents will never be a solo activity. A hair salon franchisee will work with a team to run a business providing excellent customer service to parents. This job helps make customers’ lives run more smoothly, which means there will many more smiles and thank yous than there are tears.

A stable profession offering plenty of work - hairdressing for children and party planning with Sharkey's provides constant creativity

A top tip for hair franchisees comes from successful hairdresser Dann Richards, he says that concentrating on improving customer service is imperative in this profession. Dann found that when he moved from hairdresser to salon owner, “My customer service has definitively improved, because you have to be on top form all the time.”

Stay ahead of the game

Although most adult hair salons are open for long periods from Monday to Saturday, a children’s hairdresser is unlikely to have identical hours – but starting early may be necessary.  Although it is sometimes considered a ‘calling’ business, it’s important to note that hair styling and cutting experience isn't imperative to running a hair salon.

In fact, Sharkey's Cuts for Kids do not require franchisees to have any previous hair care experience in order to become a franchisee and manage their own business - salon owners can hire their own hair stylist team. So willingness to be part of the franchise system is much more important than owning scissors and dye. 

The hair industry as a whole is robust and with a recent post-recession baby boom the client base is continuing to grow. As Dann says, “And hair also always grows, but you can take your scissors anywhere.”

As a stable profession offering plenty of work, a hair salon franchise makes a franchisee feel like they are self-employed and calling the shots. 

This is a creative venture, both in terms of hair styles and occupying customers and with such client variety hairdressers have a constant source of creative opportunities. And a franchise like Sharkey's offers more than just haircuts. Franchisees will also manage children's parties and offer retail opportunities to their clients.  Thus, managing a child hairdressing and party salon is rewarding on many levels.

Become a child hairdressing franchisee

Now you know what is involved and you want to join this lucrative and fun profession, why not take advantage of Sharkey’s special offer? Sharkey’s are offering a record £11,000 discount on their franchise set-up fee for the first ten new UK franchisees they take on*. To take advantage of this offer  click this link  and insert the phrase #FSOffers in the body of your message.

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