How to run a consultancy franchise

Interview with a consultancy franchisee

Daniel Wade
Former chef, working for culinary giants such as Gordon Ramsey and Jean Christophe Novelli, now director of new franchise development for WPA health insurance​.
Key tips:
You need to be proactive. While you are working with a franchisor, YOU need to grow the business.  

On a typical day...

Typical clients vary, and that’s why I like what I do. One day you could be at a mechanics, the next day you could be sitting in with a law firm, so it varies. So we don't have a typical client, but we do tend to target small businesses and self employed and professional people.

A typical week involves a variety of things, to be honest, mainly my time is split between existing customers and potential customers. So, if we look at potential customers first, it's seeing them upon their policy renewal, so every year I see all my clients, if I can, and help them to understand their policy in a bit more detail.

A lot of the companies I look after want to add staff, remove staff, change the levels of cover, that sort of thing. So that takes up a bit of time. In terms of looking at new customers, that is split between a variety of networking events, business to business networking, and out speaking to new businesses.

On what is required from a WPA franchisee...

I think  my catering background gave me a good grounding for life in general, because it's quite a regimented, almost military-type structure, where you have to be in at a certain time, you can't leave until all your work is done, very regimented in your day.

I think that helps in where I am today: I'm in as early as I can be, I don't leave until all the work is done, but I think the skills you  need in order to move forward as a WPA franchisee is just to be able to speak to people and have a good build up and rapport with people quite easily. It's a role where you need to speak to quite a lot of people, potential customers, existing customers, and build relationships and if you can't do that it's quite a difficult model to be in.

There is a nice balance between going out and being entrepreneurial and taking a regular income, at WPA we are looking from people who are remaining active and entrepreneurial and grow their business, as that is their asset that they're building.

We don't want people just sitting on a small income each year, which has a bit of a trial income each year. We want people who can actively grow their businesses with us as the franchisor, to remain in constant growth: what's where we want our franchisees to be and we help them as much as we can to get to that point.

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