Longest Serving Auditel Franchisees


Established in 1994, Auditel is the UK’s favourite cost and purchase consultancy franchise, winning several nominations for the best franchisee support in the industry.

South Norfolk-based William and Vicky Ball are two of their longest serving franchisees.  William trained in 1997 and two years later, was joined by Vicky. Both came to franchising from the travel industry. William had a general management career with a number of tour operators and holiday companies. Vicky, had built up and sold her own travel agency business and was teaching travel and tourism.

Asked why they had elected to take a franchise, they recall: “We both wanted to work together and in our own business. We were looking for a vehicle to achieve this objective and had considered several retail opportunities, before stumbling on Auditel. Buying a franchise had never occurred to us.”

William remembers finding Auditel quite by chance, through a magazine picked up in a hotel reception. He reveals: “Vicky told me I could do it and I agreed! It appeared to be a good fit with the kind of work that I had been doing as an employee. To be paid “a slice of the action” was a compelling prospect.”

Over the past 14 years, William and Vicky believe that the quality of the training and support provided by Auditel has taken a quantum leap to meet the needs of the current network of 200 cost and purchase management specialists. A unique feature is that long-standing Affiliates pass on their experience and skills to new and mature franchisees alike. William now acts as a trainer and technical mentor. His strengths in the field of Facilities and Property Management and in a wide range of other business disciplines, including Human Resources, Purchasing, Sales and Marketing, are highly regarded.

William and Vicky have successfully operated their Auditel franchise for over 14 years now. During this time they have developed a diverse portfolio of clients in many areas of the UK and in a wide range of business sectors. William has established a reputation in Telecommunications Cost Management and leads the Communications Business Development Team within the network.

Illustrating the highlights of their time with Auditel, William and Vicky confirm: “Two specifics are building a business based on our network of professional contacts and going on to win Franchisee of the Year as a couple in 2006. We found the vehicle that we were searching for and we have achieved the work / life balance we were aiming to reach.”

As to their future, William says: ”We have succeeded in building both a wide customer base and a positive reputation within Auditel.  The development of our business means that Vicky can now take a back-seat role and provide admin support on a very part-time basis. She can spend more time with the grandchildren and doing voluntary work. Within a year or two, we will have a third renewal of our franchise agreement to consider. At our time of life, retirement is getting closer but it’s great to be in a position where the choice of what we do is ours.  Watch this space!”