Matchpoint Franchise Expands to UK


Toronto-based franchise consultancy MatchPoint is celebrating its successful expansion to the UK.

The company, which helps match aspiring franchisees with the right franchise business opportunity, arrived in the UK last year, where it now has over 20 consultants and 30 franchise clients.

MatchPoint president Nigel Mayne and other company officials recently underwent a week of intensive training sessions and seminars with UK franchisees and franchisors, including ActionCOACH, Sandler Training, Antal International, Tutor Doctor and WSI.

Says Ann Mary Wardman, MatchPoint's vice president of global development:

"This is a new business model in the UK and a necessary one, as the number of franchised companies has increased from about 250 to over 1,000 in the past 10 years. There was no way for interested parties to investigate all concepts, meaning many people were selecting the wrong opportunities for their skill sets.

“The same goes for franchisors who were looking for assistance attracting the right franchisees to effectively grow their brands. With the experience of our North American operation behind us, MatchPoint is poised to remain the predominant franchise consulting network in the UK now and well into the future."

MatchPoint expects to add an additional 25 consultants worldwide in 2009, mostly in the US and UK.