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Daniel Wade
Former chef, working for culinary giants such as Gordon Ramsey and Jean Christophe Novelli, now director of new franchise development for WPA health insurance​.
Franchisee since:

Meet Daniel Wade, director of new franchise development for WPA health insurance, the not-for-profit healthcare provider.

On why he chose a franchise...

Before becoming a WPA franchisee I was actually a chef, I left school, trained a chef at catering college worked up in London for people like Gordon Ramsey and Jean Christophe Novelli.

I decided that wasn't really for me, I play a lot for sport outside of work, I didn't have time to do that and couldn't see my friends and family. I wanted a career choice that was a bit more balanced in term of a work/life balance. 

So that's why I started to have a look at my father-in-law's model [Daniel's father-in-law is also a WPA franchisee- Ed] and I wanted to see if I could replicate that if could. So I still have a good knowledge for catering, and I still have a passion for that, but without doing that as a job: which is quite nice!

On the level of support...

I decided to buy a franchise rather than setting up my own business purely because of the support that you get. I think there's a lot that goes into setting up a business from scratch, stuff that I wasn't necessarily experienced enough in to go and do on my own. 

So the support that the franchisor gave in terms of the marketing that's available, the IT infrastructure, the CRM systems: things like that, stuff you may not think about when setting up your own business initially, that support is already there.

I'm much happier now than when I was a chef, I get to do the stuff I've always wanted to do: play more sport and see my friends and family, go on holidays, that sort of stuff. When you're a chef you're bound by long hours and split shifts and things like that. Trying to work your way up the ladder, which is always quite tough to do in the kitchen

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