Meet the people: Lawncare franchisee

Horticulture enthusiast Nick Hulm had worked in the flower industry for 15 years. So when he decided he wanted to work for himself, he bought a Greensleeves franchise.

Specialising in lawn care, he regards it as an untapped market with room for growth:

“People are slowly starting to get into it – it’s come from America like a lot of these things and people just are used to tackling these things themselves.

"Now, with not much time or inclination they’ve moved away from that and get a lot more people in to do things.”

Alongside informing us on what spreaders and knapsack sprayers do, Nick tells us the ins and outs of the franchise, and what he believes the future holds. 

About The Author

Paulyne Antoniou Head of Content
Paulyne as Head of Content has produced regular videos and editorial for many years with small businesses, franchises and industry professionals.