Meet the people: Window to the Womb franchise

Introducing parents to their baby for the first time is a rare gift – and something that the Window to the Womb franchise is able to offer.

The 3D/4D Non Diagnostic Prenatal Ultrasound business offers 3D scans of the baby in the womb in three dimensions as well as 4D moving images. Franchisee David Cheese loved the business and decided to invest:

‘I used to run a photography studio and have always liked to run my own businesses. Then I found out about Window to the Womb… in terms of support it’s been fantastic.’

Despite David’s non-clinical background, the Window to the Womb franchise package gave him the knowledge he needed to run the business. He also points out that they are routinely monitored by the CQC and only use qualified Sonographers.

We speak to him about his experience and the ins and outs of running an ultrasound scan franchise. 

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Paulyne Antoniou Head of Content
Paulyne as Head of Content has produced regular videos and editorial for many years with small businesses, franchises and industry professionals.