Mumpreneurs & women in business

Interview with...

Pam Bader, Molly Maid CEO 
On the transferable life skills that women can apply when running a business. Pam also reveals how age isn't an issue when starting up, and tells mumpreneurs what to consider when choosing a franchise
By phone
March 2010

Pam Bader on the unique skills women bring to business...

“I think women can juggle more balls in the air at any one time and have to manage many roles. A housewife means being a chief, cleaner, accountant and being able to manage a housekeeping budget.

“All those issues and juggling things and looking after people is what Molly Maid’s all about, looking after your customers and looking after your staff. It’s all those softer skills I suppose.”

On how age doesn’t matter in franchising...

“It’s very different now because years ago women had children younger, and now they’re doing careers earlier and having children later. Somebody may have children at 40, have 10 years of looking after children and be 50-55 when they come back into the workplace.

I tell people life begins at 55! There’s no ageism in franchising

“But that’s not a bad age to come back and have a career – you can still have a career at 55. I tell people life begins at 55! There’s no ageism in franchising.”

On what to look out for when researching a franchise...

“Do your homework, just as if you’re going to buy a house. Make sure it’s financially sound, make sure the business system is working, and talk to other franchise owners.

“Ask yourself whether it is something you’re emotional about? When you run your own business it’s got to be something you really love.

“I always say it’s like another child - it’s very demanding, it takes over your life. Ask yourself, is it something you’re going to really enjoy doing?

“Are your skills going to match the franchise or are they going to train you?

“Take time to decide. if the franchisor is really pushing you, then that’s not right, because you have to make the decision with them.

“It’s a life-changing decision and costs money. You want a business that is reliable and goes for a long time; if you want a solid financial return you’re looking for a long-term business.”