Plumber Franchise Owner on YourPlumber


The latest YourPlumber franchisee, Robert Haywood, has been stunned by the volume of work he’s had in his first month at the home maintenance franchise .

Robert, who covers the Romford and Ilford territory in Essex, says:

“I was really enthusiastic and excited following my business training course with YourPlumber and couldn’t wait to get going, although I obviously still had fears about how it would all actually take off.

“A month later and the support I have received from YourPlumber has been fantastic, not only in technical matters but in running my business and getting customers – they are always supplying me with new marketing materials.

“They have been there and done everything I could have hoped for in terms of supporting me and I have already had more jobs than was even expected in the business plan. I really couldn’t be happier at how it has taken off.

“I am so happy I decided to make this decision and join YourPlumber rather than do this by myself. Without the market launch and support I have had I would never have had this many jobs.

“I talk to other plumbers who haven’t had jobs in weeks, whilst I’ve had six in the last two days alone! I know things will keep getting busier and busier as my Yellow Pages is due to publish early in the new year and at this rate I will need a second van quicker than I ever expected!”