Plumbing Franchise Owners Reveal All


“Genuine, open, honest and enthusiastic”; “significant support”; professional branding – some of the praise heaped on YourPlumber by its latest franchisees.

Andy Wiseman, Tom Doyle and Martin and Rebecca Watts told the FS Blog about their experiences with the plumbing franchise so far.

FS Blog: What attracted you to YourPlumber in the first instance?

Martin & Rebecca Watts:
When we looked at the website we were incredibly impressed with the branding and professional image and wanted to find out more.

Andy Wiseman: The information really stood out and caught our attention. The emphasis on the help and support provided to build, develop and grow the business to a multi-van operation seemed like a great opportunity.

Tom Doyle: I was initially attracted because of the significant support they offered and wanted to make sure I chose the right franchise - one which gave me opportunity for serious growth. The whole package is incredibly solid and I found it very reassuring.

FS Blog: How did you find the process?

Martin & Rebecca:
From our first contact we have found everyone extremely professional and friendly; we instantly felt at home there. YourPlumber have been entirely supportive throughout and their enthusiasm is infectious!

Andy: Everyone has gone out of their way to be helpful right from the initial enquiry. At all times they have been genuine, open, honest and enthusiastic.

Tom: My decision to go ahead was largely due to what I can only describe as an instant rapport with the franchisor. I felt comfortable and assured that our interests were the same. The obvious integrity, willingness and openness of all the team struck me from the outset.

FS Blog: Did you compare franchises and if so, what made you choose YourPlumber?

Martin & Rebecca:
Once we found YourPlumber we didn't look any further. Before we went on we spoke with the majority of existing franchisees who all gave us such positive feedback.

Andy: Me and my partner looked at a lot of franchises and drew up a shortlist of ones to look at in more detail. YourPlumber was one of those we shortlisted and it came across as the best opportunity.

The operation was very professional, yet still had a friendly, open family-feel to it. We were very impressed by everything we had seen. It was a big decision for us to invest our money into a business, as we had never done anything like this before.

Tom: I had been looking for some time for a business that was interesting, financially rewarding and flexible, where I could work smarter, not harder. My solution was the YourPlumber franchise system.

FS Blog: What do you feel this franchise can offer you?

Martin & Rebecca:
This franchise gives us the best chance to grow a multi van business, it offers the full package from training right through to on-going support and marketing advice. They are very proactive with advice on how to set up and run the business.

Andy: If the franchise system can help us do as well as the existing franchisees we will be very happy.

Tom: As long as you implement the system I strongly believe the hard work will pay off and provide a really good lifestyle. My goal is to have a multi van operation, and I am confident, with YourPlumber’s support, I will do just that.

FS Blog: And finally, what are you most looking forward to?

Martin & Rebecca:
Getting started! We’re excited about the challenge of starting our own business. We are really looking forward to working with YourPlumber and all the other franchisees.

Andy: After many years of being an employee in multi-national corporations I am really looking forward to being my own boss and reaping the benefits of my hard work.

I'm sure my sales and supervisory knowledge, combined with YourPlumber’s experience will prove to be a formula for success.

Tom: I really can’t wait to get started! I don’t see why I should put a limit on my growth expectations for the business - I am aiming high.