Qualified Plumbers Join Home Service Franchise


Robert and his son were already qualified plumbers, but joining YourPlumber gave them a sense of security.

The pair recognised that the home service franchise was serving an ever-growing need in the UK for professional, reliable, customer-focused plumbers.

FS Blog: Why did you and your son decide to buy a franchise?

The initial plan was to qualify and set up on our own, but as we came towards the end of our course, it started to dawn on us what we were trying to take on.

We started to read the statistics about small business start up failures and everything that was involved and to be honest we started to get quite worried.

FS Blog: What were your main concerns?

It started to become more and more apparent that although we were confident in our work ethic, we just didn’t have all of the skills available between us to handle every aspect of the business.

The main thing was the sales and marketing and actually getting jobs at the end of the day that really scared us. We just didn’t want to waste all our time and money, we couldn’t afford to fail.

FS Blog: So what did you do next?

We began searching online and looked at a number of the plumbing opportunities available, but after meeting the YourPlumber team and seeing the package on offer were really excited about joining the YourPlumber team.

FS Blog: What was the main thing that stood out with this franchise?

: It was a combination of the experience the team at YourPlumber have, the package they offer and the on-going support they devote to helping us grow a business.

FS Blog: What problems did you find with other franchises?

More often than not when we looked at the various franchises, they almost seemed to struggle to show where our money went. Maybe £30k isn’t a lot of money for some people but for us it was our life savings, literally, and I wanted to know what I got for my money.

It seemed that generally the vast majority of the initial fee was profit for the franchisor, which I thought was wrong.

FS Blog: How is YourPlumber different?

With YourPlumber they split it down and I could see that about 80 percent was re-invested into my business at the start, whether it be all the tools, the initial stock, the equipment, the business training, the market launch, the marketing pack. They even pay for the entire first years key advertising!

FS Blog: What else did you like about the franchise?

I also really liked the support set-up. Not only do we get a 24/7 call centre to answer our calls and full business support to help us with the sales and marketing side we were worried about, we also get a 24/7 technical support line to help us out, which is very important to us since we are only newly qualified.

FS Blog: What is your main goal for the business?

My goal is to have a multi van operation and we’re confident with their support we will do just that.

FS Blog: Are you looking forward to the future

We really can’t wait, we have seen the success and financial gain that the other franchisees have achieved and we want to emulate Terry and Sharon in Portsmouth. Actually if we’re honest, we want to try and go a bit better!