Quality counts in franchising

Quality counts in franchising

If you are on the hunt for a franchise opportunity, then it’s time to consider the importance of quality.

These days, there are more consumer choices available than ever before. Put simply, if someone doesn’t like your product they will go elsewhere. 

Customer loyalty now has to be earned and cannot be expected, so the best way to create such loyalty is through providing a top quality product. However, this alone is not enough.  It needs to be backed up with excellent customer service to ensure people keep coming back for more.  

Given the continued economic challenges faced by the global marketplace, repeat business is critical to the ongoing success of any operation.

Fierce competition across the board means customers are no longer simply buying a product, they are buying a whole consumer experience.  

This is particularly so when it comes to food franchises. All aspects of the buying experience are critical: from the initial enquiry to the ambience of the store to the friendliness and efficiency of the staff.

The product itself is just one part of a whole marketing mix where every ingredient needs to be of the highest quality to ensure customers return again and again

Marketing mix

The product itself is just one part of a whole marketing mix where every ingredient needs to be of the highest quality to ensure customers return again and again.

When buying a franchise, it is important to ensure you have researched the opportunity carefully.

The decisions you make following the outcome of your analysis of the various business options available, could potentially affect you and the life of your family for years to come. Therefore, go and test the customer experience for yourself.   

This is a great opportunity to complete some market research into your chosen franchise area.

Try out the offering from your selected franchise but also test the competition, find out where their strengths and weaknesses are.

The franchise providing the best quality offering is likely to have the most loyal customer base. This is important information, as this knowledge could positively impact on your potential future earnings.

At Papa John’s we are confident we provide the best quality pizza on the market. During our new franchisees’ first training days we get them to taste all the different pizzas available.

As well as introducing a little market research of our own, this allows franchisees to benchmark what they will be selling against the competition and Papa John’s pizza always tops the lot!

However, we teach our franchisees that to provide the perfect pizza is not enough on its own. We also have to be the daddy when it comes to delivery, service speed, scrupulous store cleanliness, staff training and in fact, every aspect of the franchise operation.

On your quest for the right franchise, you will undertake much research, however, the franchise that will stand out will be the one with the best overall customer buying experience.

It will also be the one that your customers remember. So when you are searching for that recipe for success, remember: quality counts.


About The Author

Dave Galvin UK Franchise Sales Manager, Papa John’s
Dave Galvin is the UK Franchise Sales Manager for Papa John’s pizza chain.