Redundancy to Reward: Owning a Pet Franchise


Celebrating five years as an OSCAR franchisee, David Bass from Congelton, Cheshire still thoroughly enjoys working for himself.

“Prior to buying a pet franchise I spent 30 years with the railway network, then redundancy called a halt to my career. I was not ready to retire,even though there was an uncertainty as to what I could do. My first call to Oscar prompted an excellent response; everything was clear from the start. After establishing the quality of their products, I was assured that my investment was in good hands-taking advantage of their reliable support.

I started in 2006 and I'm as enthusiastic as I was back then.  Oscar has given me great job satisfaction in running my own business and providing a special service to my customers and their pets, while in turn they pass on the many benefits of Oscar to others which is an excellent reward in itself.”

The opportunity to offer a personal complete pet care service with ongoing expert advice to pet owners, health care products and accessories is unique to Oscar, bringing many rewards, including repeat business, and the greatest opportunity to meet the UK’s 13 million pet owners – who just love their animals.

Oscar has, over the years, gained the experience and confidence to recognise the importance of making career-changing decisions. So, if you want the freedom and security of running your own business there is no question that your change for the better should be with Oscar.