The franchise opportunities marketplace: Q4-2011 snapshot



A greater chance of survival is overwhelmingly the most popular reason for buying a franchise, according to the latest quarterly survey from

The perception that franchises are less likely to fail was cited as a major motivation by nearly two thirds (64%) of respondents to the international survey.

Asked for a maximum of three reasons for buying a franchise, 36% said they wanted to “concentrate on what I do best and leave marketing etc, to the franchisor”. Thirty-five percent said they “prefer to follow a proven system” while 29% indicated that avoiding stress and long hours associated with the non-franchise start-up phase was important.

Despite year-on-year rises in demand for online services, only 14% of those polled were considering buying an internet franchise. The most popular sectors, the poll of hundreds of franchisees revealed, are fast food (37%), followed by food generally (34%), distribution (34%), home-based (28%) and retail (28%).

Asked what they looked for in a franchise (maximum of three reasons again) the biggest imperative was the recognition factor. “The brand name must be well-known” was cited by 61%, while 50% said the sector must be fairy recession-proof. 47% agreed that “it must have the potential to make me very wealthy”, and 33% wanted control over their working hours.

On the whole, franchisees were more impressed than unimpressed with the franchise opportunities they had researched. Fourteen percent were very impressed and 27% were fairly impressed, while only 11% were fairly or very unimpressed. However, 31% were neither impressed nor unimpressed.

Any notion that franchising appeals to people at a particular time of life is refuted by the latest results. The spread of aspiring franchisees was equal across age groups, with roughly one fifth of respondents belonging to the 26-33 (19%), 34-41 (22%), 42-49 (21%) and 50-55 (19%) age groups. However, over 55s accounted for 14% of the sample, while 18-25s, totalled just 4% of the total polled.

As with the third-quarter survey, 85% of respondents were male, suggesting women are as underrepresented in franchising as they are in business buying (82% of buyers were male, according to


The most common reason for choosing franchising as a model for growth, according to the franchisor section of the survey, was the perception that it was most conducive to rapid growth.

Asked to pick a maximum of three reasons, around two thirds (67%) cited “Low capital expenditure, so easier to grow rapidly” as a driving motivation, with greater efficiency and customer satisfaction the second most persuasive reason, cited by forty percent.

A belief that franchisees are more motivated than managers was the joint-third most compelling reason to franchise a business, along with the perception that it is “less catastrophic for a unit than a company-owned store to fail”, both chosen by 23% of franchisors. The least significant motivation for franchising was the belief that the franchise model suited their sector, cited by 13%.

A positive attitude was seen as the most important attribute in an aspiring franchisee, chosen by 48% of respondents. Asked to pick qualities they sought in candidates, 38% of franchisors cited experience in running businesses – perhaps surprisingly given the support given by franchisors.

The third most important attribute in prospective franchisees was sales skills (35%), followed by sector experience (31%), customer service skills (24%), a talent for suggesting improvements (17%) and administrative skills (10%).

Finally, four in five (80%) franchisors believe rising unemployment and redundancies are boosting the pool of potential franchisees.

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Profiling Questions

Please select your age group


Answer Options Results
18-25 4.1%
26-33 19.2%
34-41 22.3%
42-49 21.1%
50-54 19.0%
55 and over 14.3%

What is your gender?


Answer Options Results
Male 85.3%
Female 14.7%

What country do you live in?


Answer Options Results
Australia 6.9%
Canada 10.2%
France 0.7%
Greece 0.3%
India 25.8%
Ireland 2.4%
Malaysia 0.7%
Mexico 0.4%
New Zealand 0.7%
Portugal 0.4%
Singapore 0.3%
South Africa 8.7%
Spain 0.1%
Thailand 0.1%
UAE 1.5%
UK 20.1%
USA 8.6%
Other 11.9%

Are you a franchisor or franchise buyer?


Answer Options Results
Franchisor 8.3%
Franchise Buyer 91.7%

Franchise Buyer Results

What are the most important factors in choosing to buy a franchise rather than start a business from scratch?


Answer Options Results
Lower risk of failure 63.7%
Easier to raise finance 30.0%
To avoid stress and long hours of start-up phase 29.1%
Can concentrate on what I do best and leave marketing, etc to franchisor 36.0%
Prefer to follow proven system than having to make tough decisions 34.5%

Which sector(s) are you interested in?


Answer Options Options
Advertising/marketing 8.3%
Automotive 19.3%
B2B 7.9%
Beauty 10.5%
Care 4.2%
Childrens 8.1%
Cleaning 6.1%
Consultancy 13.2%
Distribution 33.8%
Finance 11.2%
Fitness 9.2%
Fast Food 37.3%
Food 34.4%
Green 8.8%
Home Services 12.1%
Home Maintenance 10.7%
Internet 14.3%
Leisure 11.4%
Master Franchises 19.7%
Printing/Copy/Design 7.2%
Property 16.4%
Retail 28.1%
Travel 13.6%
Van Based 8.1%
Work From Home 28.3%

Which of these statements applies to you when choosing a franchise?


Answer Options Results
The brand name must be well-known 61.2%
It must have the potential to make me very wealthy 47.2%
I must have a significant degree of control over my working hours 33.4%
I must have some experience in the sector 27.6%
The sector must be at least fairly recession-proof 50.3%

How impressed have you been so far with the franchise opportunities you’ve researched?


Answer Options Results
Very impressed 13.8%
Fairly impressed 27.0%
Neither impressed nor unimpressed 30.9%
Fairly unimpressed 8.1%
Very unimpressed 3.1%
I've only just started looking/haven't formed an opinion yet 17.1%

Franchisor Results

Which sector(s) do you operate in?


Answer Options Results
Advertising/marketing 10.0%
Automotive 6.7%
B2B 13.3%
Beauty 3.3%
Care 3.3%
Childrens 0.0%
Cleaning 6.7%
Consultancy 16.7%
Distribution 16.7%
Finance 16.7%
Fitness 3.3%
Fast Food 16.7%
Food 16.7%
Green 3.3%
Home Services 10.0%
Home Maintenance 3.3%
Internet 10.0%
Leisure 3.3%
Master Franchises 6.7%
Printing/Copy/Design 6.7%
Property 0.0%
Retail 6.7%
Travel 16.7%
Van Based 0.0%
Work From Home 20.0%

What are your most important reasons for choosing franchising as a model for growth?


Answer Options Results
Low capital expenditure, so easier to grow rapidly 66.7%
Greater efficiency and customer satisfaction 40.0%
Franchisees are more motivated than managers 23.3%
Less catastrophic for a unit to fail than a company-owned store to fail 23.3%
Franchising model suited sector 13.3%

When assessing a prospective franchisee, what are the most important attributes?


Answer Options Results
Experience in the sector 31.0%
Experience running businesses 37.9%
Enthusiasm and a positive attitude 48.3%
Sales skills 34.5%
Customer service/people management skills 24.1%
Administrative skills 10.3%
Good at suggesting improvements to business model 17.2%
Strong capacity to finance the purchase 20.7%

To what extent are soaring unemployment and redundancies boosting the pool of potential franchisees?


Answer Options Options
Significantly, both in terms of numbers and quality of candidates 23.3%
Significantly, in terms of numbers but not quality of candidates 20.0%
Significantly, in terms of quality but not number of candidates 13.3%
To a modest extent, both in terms of numbers and quality of candidates 20.0%
To a modest extent, in terms of numbers but not quality of candidates 3.3%
Not noticeably 20.0%

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