Top 5 Attributes Franchisors Look for in Franchisees

It is true that the key to every business success is unique. However, there are some universal attributes that will appeal to all franchisors. 

To succeed in business all business owners need a set of skills to sustain and grow their business but what is it that franchisors most want to see in their franchisees?

With the help of franchisors currently looking for new franchisees, here we give you the five most wished for qualities in a new business partner.

1. Diligence

Franchisors are successful because they have honed their core business down to an easy to identify offer, and an efficient working process, that can be easily replicated, and which breeds a loyal customer base. 

Therefore, a franchisee who diligently follows the business rules, consults training manuals, and takes on board franchisor advice will be a great asset to the company. Understanding business and knowing the business will get you ahead.

2. Positivity 

Franchising is not for the lazy; entrepreneurship, hard-work and innovative thinking are all key to success. However, highly-motivated and positive-minded franchisees who can use their energy to drive sales are even more highly valued. Be positive about what you can achieve for your franchise, and have a can-do approach to solving problems.

“It helps if you have a positive attitude…[but] if you’re the type of person who would fall at the first hurdle. Then going in to business for yourself probably isn’t the right choice.” Creation Station

3. Friendliness

Whether it’s a good personable manner with the franchisor, suppliers, customers or staff, franchisees will get the best from their business if they have excellent customer service. Excellent people skills will help build a great reputation which further strengthens the franchise brand.

Remember, a franchisee is a business partner, not an employee, so being courteous, happy and friendly in all relationships, from monthly meetings to customer complaints, is a skill that franchisors seek as this benefits the entire enterprise. It’s a relationship that should last and develop.

4. Sales and management skills

In any business the ability to sell a brand is fundamental to long-term growth and success, so basic sales skills are a must. Sales isn’t just about getting money in the bank, it’s also about building long-standing relationships and building a good reputation.

General good management skills are also a basic skill expected and sought after. If you can manage a team well, deal with staff and wages, and manage accounts this suggests a good all-rounder and a valuable asset to any franchise. 

Do note however that those without proven business and management experience can still demonstrate these abilities – a good credit record and a keen, personable nature can win a franchisor over who can then provide sales and management training. Franchises are looking for both talent and potential.

“We’re looking for someone with sales and management skills. We don’t look for people who come from the kitchen industry.” Dream Doors

5. Leadership

Following a franchise model should lead to easy sales, but a franchisee must lead the business to really excel. This not only includes managing staff, but also striking the balance between being a team player and leading with authority. 

This is particularly important as a management franchise owner. Delivering good leadership and supervision of staff will make sure that the day-to-day running of the business is carried out most effectively. 

“You want someone who is fairly driven to be successful and competitive. Because the staff are an integral part of the business you will need to be able to manage and motivate staff.” Pitman Training

So, on reflection, while it is a definite bonus to have strong general business skills including sales and management experience, you should also have a positive approach, definite goals and, most importantly, potential. Franchisors want their franchisees to be able to grow and develop alongside the company and their brand.

Sophie Mitchell

About the author

Sophie has contributed to, and over the two years she worked at Dynamis House.