Why Buy an Events Franchise

Have you ever dreamt of becoming an events planner?

Have you ever dreamt of becoming an events planner? The events industry in the UK is worth a massive £40 billion to the UK economy with over 25,000 active businesses in the sector and over 10,000 venues across the UK that are regularly used for events.

Event planning is a wide-ranging field and encompasses a host of areas, such as wedding planning, corporate entertainment, children's parties, training courses and exhibition contractors.

The events industry is currently booming; a trend that experts predict to continue and a franchise in this sector could provide you with the opportunity for an enjoyable and lucrative career. 


Event planning is a vibrant and fun industry where the work is varied and usually enjoyable - after all what could be more fun than helping people to have a good time, whether it's by planning a dream wedding or by hosting a children's cookery workshop?

Investing in a reputable franchise makes sense for many reasons. The owner of the franchise is on hand to offer advice and support when needed, and much of the marketing and the formula for success is already in place.

Many franchisees in this sector find that they can work from home on a part-time basis. You can set your own financial targets and work the hours you choose. 


Working in the events industry as part of a franchise inevitably has its own set of challenges. If anything goes wrong - the flowers fail to turn up on time, everyone goes down with food poisoning - the buck stops with you and reputation is everything in this line of work.

The ability to keep a cool head under pressure and to be highly organised is vital. As with any new business, you will need to put the hours in and work hard to become successful and start to reap the rewards. It can also be important to develop new business strategies, look at the business creatively and make adaptations when necessary. 


There are numerous party planning and occasion management franchises all over the UK, although London is the centre of the events management industry.

Before committing to a franchise, it's important to take the time to do plenty of research into your local area - will you have any competitors or is the market already saturated with wedding planners? Talking to some existing franchise holders about their experience is always a good idea. 

Essential skills

To run a successful events franchise you'll need to have excellent communication skills, and be a real 'people person'. This type of job suits someone who enjoys being sociable has abundant tact and common sense and can find a workable solution to a problem quickly.

You'll need to be able to present a confident and professional image and so that your clients will believe in your ability to deliver a successful event. 

As many events take place outside of regular 9-5 working hours, events planning is also best for someone who can be flexible with their working hours - you might well be expected to work late at night or start early in the morning. You will also need to be very good at marketing and have a good head for figures. 

How to Buy a Franchise 

Have a look at our website for an event planning franchise opportunity that appeals to you. Then, contact the company and complete the application form. Some franchises ask for a significant amount of investment, such as £25,000 but as long as you can meet the financial requirements, you could be up and running your own events business in a relatively short time.

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