World Cup Boosts Football Franchise


Live4Soccer has signed an extra two franchisees as World Cup fever continues to benefit the football franchise.

Live4Soccer Falkirk has kicked off their business and will shortly be followed by a Leicester-based sports franchise.  These latest additions to the team could not have come at a better time, as the World Cup and the 2010 football calendar guarantees an opportunity to generate income streams from day one of trading.

Live4Soccer offer a huge range of products produced by companies such as Nike, Adidas, Mitre and Errea. Live4Soccer also manufacture their own Sabre football range along with a Street-Stadia product, a £20K portable football arena being used by some of the top clubs in the county along with local councils, academies, charities, and various blue chip companies.

The franchise also introduced a new brand partnership with leading Spanish sport apparel company Joma, with whom franchisees have the added opportunity to seal five-figure sponsorship deals with professional and semi-professional clubs.