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When opportunity knocks...

15 February 2017

Franchises are appealing to new entrepreneurs who want the reduced risk of a proven product or service while still being their own boss. They can get support from the parent company or fellow franchisees to ensure success.

For those who have decided to enter into the £2.6 billion recession free all year round Pet food business, but have not yet done so, then Husse, the global leader in the pet food home delivery, may just be the right opportunity.

With 30 years experience in practicing the Husse concept of free home delivery along with producing high quality products, Husse has evolved into a leading global brand and has acquired the infrastructure to be a market leader

2016 saw Husse's introduction of 21st century packaging and the launch of a new slick user friendly web shop. Husse's very own nutrition experts introduced three new grain and gluten free products, four new treats for cats and dogs and a new eco-friendly cat litter.

Whilst thinking about joining a pet food franchise, choosing a company which can provide you with unique products, a generous profit margin and a high retention of regular loyal customers is key. Husse is proud to boast a 95% customer retention rate and zero re-calls since day one. Our pet food nutrition and business training, on-going support, area exclusivity and a tasty Scandinavian recipe will put all your competitors so far behind of you.

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