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Albena (London). Nationwide Cleaners Franchise Review

24 November 2017

I invested in a Nationwide Cleaners franchise in London and operated it for several years with success.

I had many clients, cleaners and leaflet delivery orders. 

I sold the business as my husband and I decided to move out of London in order to afford a decent house.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone prepared to follow the tried and tested system and who is motivated to do your best. 

The support was very good from head office and other top franchisees.

One piece of advice I would certainly give to any perspective Nationwide Cleaners franchisee is to listen to Peter Munro. He is very experienced in this field and always very helpful!

I can’t recommend Nationwide Cleaners highly enough!

Thanks for the biggest opportunity and experience which I had working with professionals like Peter and Alex.


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