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Experience Sandler first-hand before investing.

08 March 2016

At Sandler Training, transparency means everything when it comes to your potential investment in our proven franchise model.

That’s why before you part with a penny, we would like to invite you to attend an in-person ‘Directors’ Briefing’ with one of our existing successful franchise owners, so you get first-hand knowledge of how we present our sales system to prospective clients.

Designed as an opportunity for senior business directors, business owners and partners to learn about the tried and tested Sandler System, these entertaining and informative events have been described as the doorway for Sandler consultants to win business.

In the context of your potential investment, they give you a real life look ‘behind the curtain’ to see exactly how our most successful consultants present our solution and grow their franchises.

Providing insights that help managers inspire their sales teams to sell more efficiently, our Directors’ Briefings include a full sales audit, a copy of the Sandler book entitled ‘Why Sales People Fail’ – and a two-hour individual consultation where appropriate.

The directors and partners attending these briefings do so for a variety of reasons. They may be worried about potential clients delaying purchases in a downturn, frustrated their salespeople are becoming de-motivated in a sluggish economy, or concerned their sales team is not getting in front of enough new prospects – a Directors’ Briefing will show prospective franchise owners how the Sandler System works ‘at the coal face’ of modern business.

We also get delegates who’re fed up with even their best clients haggling over price, or who’ve grown tired of investing in the latest ‘shiny object’ sales tactics for meagre returns. So prospective franchisees will get to witness the full range of pain points felt by their target market – and equally gain insights into how the Sandler System can positively impact the way our clients do business.

Our invitation to personally join us at a Directors’ Briefing highlights the openness and accountability of the Sandler network – and equally demonstrates that when it comes to our proven business model, we have absolutely nothing to hide from prospective franchise owners.

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